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Alain HENSMANS has been awarded with the prize related to his contribution to the most beautiful aquarium of Luxembourg .
For about 30years, Alain has been involved in design , assembly , maintenance and repair of aquariums for relevant customers including General Motors – Pfizer – Ikano – Top Optic and others .
What’s more they outline customer satisfaction for his fine services
In fact Alain is able to transpose beauty and environment from deep oceans (sea water aquarium ) , placid lakes and small rivers ( fresh water aquarium ) into his projects and making extensive use of hight quality products from Special Blend – Micro-Bee-Lift – Grotech – Tunze – Magus Bubble – Maxspect – Dennerle – Neo-marine – De Jong Marinelife – pompes Vortech – Rowa – LED Radion.
Alain is also the only supplier ,in this country, for use LED lighting services for both fresh water and sea water aquariums.

Alain will make your aquarium as a real and unique jewel .